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Brijendra Singh
Consulting Services, Investment Services
PROFESSION: Investment Banker
CITY // India | COUNTRY // India
Analytical Corporate Investment Banker, skilled at advising clients on various financial matters such as corporate finance, strategic financial management, mergers and acquisition analysis, Forex risk management , Bond market, Portfolio management. Formulating winning strategies based on clients' objectives and financial resources.Decision-making based on current market scenario to analyse risk and determine lucrative action. Exhibits expertise in financial planning and understanding of market trends.

Sector of Activity:
    Automotive, Healthcare, Hospitality, Infrastructure, Pharma
Business Advisory Consulting Experience:
    Banking-Finance - Very High Experience (15 years)
Project Director:

    None Expertise
Industrial Experience:
    Banking-Finance - High Experience (15 years)
    In Banking and Finance i m experience in insurance,Mutual fund,Corporate finance,Forex risk advisory,bonds,


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