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Luis Amaro
Project Finance, Consulting Services, Interim Management, Investment Services
PROFESSION: International Business Advisor Europe
CITY // Lisbon | COUNTRY // Portugal
Business Associate

Sector of Activity:
    Construction, Education, FMCG & Retail, Fashion, Healthcare, Hospitality, Technology, Tourism, NGO, Metallurgic Industries, Media, Real Estate
Business Advisory Consulting Experience:
    Airlines - Some Experience (1 years)
    Automotive - Some Experience (2 years)
    Construction - High Experience (4 years)
    Energy - High Experience (4 years)
    FMCG & Retail - High Experience (4 years)
    Healthcare - High Experience (6 years)
    Hospitality - Some Experience (3 years)
    Industrial - High Experience (6 years)
    Logistics - High Experience (3 years)
    Real Estate - Some Experience (3 years)
    Technology - High Experience (6 years)
    Tourism - High Experience (4 years)
Project Director:
    Fashion, Healthcare
    Good Expertise (4 years)
    - Development of an international go2market Software for the end-to-end management of donation and transplantation of solid organs - Implementation of a bespoke ERP for 8 molds and tools companies in central Portugal
Industrial Experience:
    Construction - High Experience (3 years)
    Operations and Logistics Manager for Isolux Corsan Angola
    Healthcare - High Experience (4 years)
    Business Dev Manager for International SOS, an international healthcare services company
    Technology - High Experience (15 years)
    In different companies with different roles, from Cap Gemini Consultant to ERP implementations
    Others - High Experience (20 years)
    Several roles and responsibilities as a Consultant: Business, Technology, Governments and others.


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