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Gary Tansley
Project Finance
PROFESSION: International Business Advisor
CITY // Chichester | COUNTRY // United Kingdom
I have been self employed most of my working life. I have worked in several industries including property, finance and travel. I have started many business from scratch. I have created several very successful companies. My wife and I also built and ran a bed & breakfast chalet in Switzerland. Several years ago I decided it would be great to use and harness all the fantastic years of experience and knowledge I have gained over the years. During my many years as an entrepreneur you meet some very inspiring and amazing people. My passion is problem solving and helping people. I wanted to give something back to the community. Worldwide Project Funding was the logical next step. After many years of helping people around the world successfully source funding for their projects it was 100% the right decision.

Sector of Activity:
    Banking-Finance, Construction, Energy Oil/Gas, Government, Healthcare, Hospitality, Infrastructure, Logistics, Pharma, Renewal Energy, Technology, Chemical Industries, Mining, Transport, Real Estate
Business Advisory Consulting Experience:
    Construction - Very High Experience (3 years)
    Energy - Very High Experience (3 years)
    Government - Very High Experience (3 years)
    Healthcare - Very High Experience (3 years)
    Hospitality - Very High Experience (3 years)
    Infrastructure - Very High Experience (3 years)
    Real Estate - Very High Experience (3 years)
    Renewal Energy - Very High Experience (3 years)
Project Director:

    None Expertise (3 years)
Industrial Experience:


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