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Riaan Steyn
Merger & Acquisitions, Project Finance, Consulting Services, Interim Management, Investment Services, Legal Services
PROFESSION: International Business Advisor
CITY // Windhoek | COUNTRY // Namibia
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Sector of Activity:
    Construction, Energy Oil/Gas, EPC, Government, Healthcare, Hospitality, Infrastructure, Insurance, Logistics, Public Private Partnerships, Renewal Energy, Tourism, Agriculture, Mining, Real Estate
Business Advisory Consulting Experience:
    Airlines - Some Experience (10 years)
    Automotive - Very High Experience (24 years)
    Banking-Finance - Some Experience (24 years)
    Biotech - Low Experience (1 years)
    Construction - Some Experience (12 years)
    Energy - High Experience (17 years)
    FMCG & Retail - High Experience (10 years)
    Government - Some Experience (22 years)
    Healthcare - Some Experience (8 years)
    Hospitality - High Experience (20 years)
    Industrial - Some Experience (5 years)
    Infrastructure - Some Experience (10 years)
    Life sciences - High Experience (22 years)
    Logistics - Some Experience (8 years)
    Medical Devices - Low Experience (1 years)
    Pharma - Some Experience (3 years)
    Real Estate - High Experience (22 years)
    Renewal Energy - Some Experience (6 years)
    Technology - Some Experience (4 years)
    Telecom - Some Experience (5 years)
    Tourism - High Experience (22 years)
    Others - High Experience (10 years)
Project Director:
    Energy Oil/Gas
    Good Expertise (5 years)
Industrial Experience:
    Airlines (5 years)
    Negotiated charter airline licence application with Namibian Gov . Drafted Airline manual and successfully submitted with Namibian Civil avaition. Drafted aircraft purchase agreements. Was Director in airline charter co that had successfully leased and operated a charter aircraft for a diamond co in Angola.
    Automotive (24 years)
    Successfully negotiated finance option with financial institution for Automotive Engine Rebuilding Engineering firm. Also assisted in drafting the BP and feasibility. Various other experience in spare parts, tyre fitment centre, etc. Currently Director in Automotive Engine Rebuilding Co. Was Director in a Spare Part Centre
    Banking-Finance (24 years)
    Director in Insurance broking firm. Various studies on implementation of risk insurance products for clients. Have some experience in working and implementation of project finance guarantees and contractors all risk. Part of team that successfully developed and implemented a life insurance product for purposes of security on low cost housing with Gov. Registration of various entities at the Namibian Finacial Institutions Supervisory Authority (Namfisa) Director in start up Private Equity manage
    Biotech (5 years)
    Peer reveiw on legal framework of Jatropha biofuel Business plan
    Construction (18 years)
    But secondary High through other projects. Have good knowledge on how the construction industry functions.
    Energy (10 years)
    Part consulting team to Gov in successful establishment of regional electricity distribution (RED)Co. Upstream Bulk fuel storage agreements, downstream fuel supplies. Negotiation of PEL and part of team that obtained international funding for PEL license. Drafting and negotiation of farm-in agreement. Director in company. Unsuccessful in obtaining further funding due to oil price crash. Successful planning and structuring acquisition transaction with financial institution for 3 fuel stations
    FMCG & Retail (24 years)
    Various small businesses from safari wear retail bp and finance application to chilli sauce manufacturing. Also see under energy for fuel stations and see Automotive for tyre and spare parts
    Government (9 years)
    See RED under Energy. See Railway system under Infrastructure See Angola road under Infrastructure. Negotiations and applications with Gov on various licences and agreements – see telecoms, energy, mining, financial institutions.
    Healthcare (20 years)
    Part of team in development and implimentation of a low cost healthcare insurance product. Bussinesplan and feasibility on pharmacy and succesful on finance option. Drafted businessplan for Cancer & Peadiatric hospital and lead on presentation of BP to Local Authority for approval of land acquisition transaction.
    Hospitality (10 years)
    Business planning and feasibilities on various accommodation esthablishments Merger and Acquisition transactions. Successfully obtaining funding from local financial institutions.
    Industrial (15 years)
    See Automotive for experience in engine rebuilding factory. in re High level peer review on potato chip manufacturing plant and drafting of acquisition agreement
    Infrastructure (22 years)
    Director in road building company that successfully tendered for road building project in Angola. Part of team on development and planning of a railway system solution for Namibia and lead on presentation to Gov on PPP proposal. (Not successful)
    Life sciences (8 years)
    Various from Horticulture, Maize Milling, Chicken Farming, Cattle Farming, Aquaculture. Mergers and Aquisitions
    Logistics (6 years)
    Various road transport bp and feasibilities. Sucsesfully negotiated funding for trucking business. See Railway under infrastructure.
    Luxury goods (0 years)
    Medical Devices (2 years)
    Only high level registration of orthopedic and prosthetic supply entity.
    Pharma (4 years)
    Bussinesplan and feasibility on pharmacy and successful on finance option.
    Real Estate (22 years)
    Various estate development plans and retirement village. Acquisitions
    Renewal Energy (6 years)
    Assistance on merger transaction for Solar PV plant. Application to Electricity Control Board on Solar PV license Aquisition of Solar PV Plant. High level assistance in Geothermal businessplan development
    Technology (5 years)
    See telecom
    Telecom (5 years)
    Part of team in planning and development of a converged telecoms solution and successfully applying for international bandwidth license with local Communication regulatory Authority
    Tourism (20 years)
    Various BP, feasibilities and successful finance options from startup lodge project development, M & A transactions to successfully obtaining finance for projects at fin institutions. Various mergers and acquisitions
    Others (25 years)
    In many of these legal entities above I have Incorporated the entity at our Business and Intellectual Property Authority and drafted many Memoranda and Articles of Associations. Shareholders Agreements, etc In many I also drafted the share purchase agreements (M&A agreements)and assisted with DD's on the clients.


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