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Jean Niyitegeka
Project Finance, Consulting Services, Interim Management, Investment Services, Tax Services
PROFESSION: Business Advisor Expansion
I’m Financial manager and business consultant graduated in 2rd graduation honours degree from the University of Kigali /campus of Gisenyi , my knowledge skills is committed to contribute to the community development by using my current management development, entrepreneurial, Leadership , strategic skills , knowledge and also help me to further develop these skills in a practical and fast-faced management. From 2000- 2002: Teacher at primary school of Kajinge . From 2003- 2005: Teacher at primary school of Busigari September 2005 – June 2008: Teacher at Secondary School APEFOC KANAMA Accountancy in level (4 and 5); -economics (level 5); -financial mathematics (leve4 &5) 2008- 2014: Manager of Microfinance COOPEC COMICOKA From 2012 up today: Managing Director of CRF LTD Teacher of : - FROM 2018 :Director of Finance for ENERGY PRODUCTION RWANDA LTD ( 2019-Today :Advisor to Managing Director and Finance Management consultant To KAUKO LTD (

Sector of Activity:
    Banking-Finance, Construction, Education, Hospitality, Infrastructure, Renewal Energy, Telecom, Tourism, Agriculture, NGO, Transport
Business Advisory Consulting Experience:
    Banking-Finance - Very High Experience (6 years)
    Construction - Some Experience (10 years)
    Energy - Low Experience (4 years)
    Hospitality - Some Experience (1 years)
    Industrial - High Experience (hidden years)
    Infrastructure - Some Experience (2 years)
    Logistics - High Experience (7 years)
    Renewal Energy - Very High Experience (5 years)
    Telecom - Low Experience (1 years)
    Tourism - Low Experience (3 years)
    Others - Some Experience (10 years)
Project Director:
    Banking-Finance, Education, Healthcare, Hospitality, Medical Devices, Pharma, Technology, Telecom
    High Expertise (10 years)
Industrial Experience:
    Banking-Finance - High Experience (6 years)
    June 2008 – November 2014 , I was manager of Microfinance COOPEC COMICOKA, and we will be the best Microfinance in Rwanda in 2012
    Hospitality - Mid Experience (3 years)
    I worked with AIRBNB in hospitality domain where same tourism come across the word seeking the hospitality in our city.
    Industrial - High Experience (10 years)
    PROJECT PREPARATION FOR installation of different industries like KAUKO Brewery, Mesh bag and rope making plant,
    Infrastructure - High Experience (10 years)
    Project preparation for construction of HOTELS, Aeroponics and poultry.
    Real Estate - Mid Experience (10 years)
    I coached companies in real estate located in Musanze City
    Renewal Energy - High Experience (4 years)
    The service concerned with this contract is the Prepare project feasibility study as follows: Site identification / concept identification of potential site(s),funding of project development development of rough technical concept PRE-FEASIBILITY STUDY -Assessment of different technical options -Approximate cost/benefits -Permitting needs -Market assessment -Feasibility Study -Prepare the project business plan -Prepare presentation documents/technical report to investors and/or Financial Plan/
    Telecom - Mid Experience (1 years)
    I would like to introduce the AFRICATELECOM in Great lakes region of Africa in 2012
    Others - High Experience (10 years)
    Business consultant from 2012, creation of the Companies, Tax advisory from 2012 to 2016


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