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Prof. Walter Jones - PhD MD DSc
South Africa

First and foremost, it's my pleasure, and privilege to make this testimony - I am humbled, grateful and overwhelmingly inspired and encouraged working with IMCI Alliance Team ??? ???? I am satisfied that as Member succeed well in contextualising the vision and mission of the Alliance, and that I have very Good understanding of it's ramafication of my participation in this context.

In addition, l do provide an overview of different epistemological framework such as constructionist, objectivist and socialist perspective together with different relevant paradigms within Financial Funding strategies.

This demonstrates my breadth of satisfactory, knowledge as well as my ability to compare with the objective of finding a sound financial services foundation for suitable model of managing the problems always found from Funding status Applications and giving solutions, advisory and capital from various backgrounds.

In this regard, l am very satisfied with IMCI Alliance Team ??? while l am making the important contribution convincingly pointing out that a profound shift in Western materialistic worldview on historical matters including geopolitics is always addressed. As  well as I am able to engage in a dialogue that the coordination and coherence of social systems within multicultural context into account 

Finally, l am satisfied being the Member and my choice to participate in the platform reflect my intellectual growth and the demarcation and scope of making a difference in the global financial economy village. My submission, recommendations and personal professional input as highlighted.

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