Our Experience


Ashraf Nooman

I feel immensely honored and grateful to be a Member of the IMCI+ Alliance because their services are reliable, competent, and trustworthy in addition to being recognized on a global scale. Also, working with the CEO, Mr. Nelson Penna, USA Associate Partner, Mr. Milad Habib, and Executive Director, Mr. Pedro G. Brito, is a pleasure and a tremendous opportunity.

I had numerous opportunities to work with governments and private sector projects over the course of my two years with IMCI and other financial services, both locally and internationally. These experiences have improved my understanding of the cultural competencies, practices, and guidelines of these institutions.

I also had the honor of expanding my knowledge and experiences with senior management through the learning and development programs offered by IMCI+ Alliance as a member.

The IMCI+ Alliance is unique; we are the world's most sincere happy family. It's time to unlock your capital when we color your large photographs. Let's us connect the dots. 

I want to express my gratitude to CEO Mr. Nelson for his sincere efforts to expand the IMCI+ Alliance.

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